Membership of the SSRAV runs from 1st July to 30 June each year and is open to anyone.  Members are entitled to attend and participate in club general meetings, receive copies of Minutes via email or post, and the following classes of membership are available.

Full Membership - $50 (for points and full benefits to all club point score meetings)

Social Membership - $40 (for Mechanics etc)

Junior Membership - $25 (for members under the age of 16yrs, benefits as per full members)

Family Membership - $80 (4 members - 1 Full, 1 Social, 2 Junior members only)

 Click here to download and print the Membership application form, fill in the details and return it by snail mail with the appropriate fees to the Treasurer at the address given on the form.

We are particularly pleased to hear from anyone willing to help with Committee work, occasional track maintenance and race day officialling.