Victorian Race Results

Wangaratta 1000 - 3rd November 2012
Wangaratta sidecars on Saturday night finished as follows. Format was a 13 rider line up (gee I hate that format !!) with two semi finals and a final

1st Treloar / Cohrs (8)
2nd German / Stagg (10)
3rd Monson / Morgan (8)
4th M Headland / Waters (12)
5th T Headland / J Headland (9)
6th Parker / Rudloff (7)
7th Curran / Anthony (6)
8th McGregor / Duncan (4)
9th Trewin / French (4)
10th Milner / O"Brien (3)
Eq 11th Gawne / Grinter (1)
Eq 11th Hartley / Chisholm (1)
Eq 11th S Radford / Putkunz (Res 1)
14th M Radford / Walker (0)

Treloar had a retirement his first time out and after that was only beaten by Mick Headland in the heats. The final was a beauty, Treloar won the push and shove in the first corner and was gone but the other three were feet apart all race long and separated by only inches at the finish. I wouldn't have wanted to be the one to decide the placegetters it was that close. I can't think of many races I've seen that had no passing and was anywhere near as exciting.

Lots of complements from the riders about the track and the night seemed to go very well. Once word gets around I wouldn't be surprised to see Wangaratta become a popular place to race & watch sidecars.